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*Shiva Kumar

: A vision about capturing lifetime moments his interest made him to purchase a camera and bought his first digital SLR, Canon 450D. His passion towards photography headed him to join in B.F.A from Sri Venkateshwara College,Hyd. Since childhood he has been an experimental person and involved himslef in trying new things. His ability to capture intimate moments in a beautiful and artistic way keeps him busy in photographing people. Apart from photography he loves to watch TV and does some nasty creative things.

*Sai Kiran

: Being a Hyderabadi,He's Graduated from Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A) in Photography.His jouney in photography started from his graduation.He's very passionate and it became vital for him.Then onward he continued to lwesrn the art of ligh.tHe shoots with Canon equipment and believes in getting everything right in camera. He has a unique style and see things differently. Apart from photography he loves Music.

Even though we are based of Hyderabad, India we are open to travel to any nook and corner of the globe for you.

If you have a moment in your life, let us know and we will freeze your once in a lifetime moments with artistry and mastery and make them memorable which you will not just like, but love and cherish forever.

In this increasing world of mediocrity every one with a camera is a photographer. What separates us from others is the service we offer, value we provide and above all is the experience we create to our clients. To know more about how unique we are, come and meet us.

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I am toddler. Academically I am an Engineering graduate, but I love photography to the depths of my soul. I started photography at the age of 20 during my college days. I was determined to become a freelance photographer with a signature style in every work I take up. I love capturing the emotional moments in weddings; I love the colors, the smiles, the tears everything associated with it. This makes me capture passionate and creative photographs that are emotionally eternal. I love North Indian weddings more because of the diversity and uniqueness in their rituals and celebrations.

I, boom redy, am from Thrissur, one of the lead photographers of wedding Bells Photography. I am visual communication graduate and currently doing photography in both weddings and Films. I am associated with movie mostly and was fortunate to be the still photographer of a couple of good Malayalam movies like The Great father, Guppy etc. My ongoing project is Prabhas starrer ‘bheema’ and the bug budget nag movie ‘rammy’.